Autogenic Training for busy salespeople

In sales we often do not focus on our state of mind and even forget sometimes to make time to relax. In my last podcast episode I mentioned how I learned a technique called Autogenic Training. It could be described as a very powerful form of self-hypnosis. I learned it many years ago through attending a course over a few weeks. You can realistically learn the basic script in a few weeks but it works immediately and you will feel first results very soon!

I just recorded a guided session for learning the basic script similar to a guided meditation. There is no music because you need to learn this without fancy music so you are able to recall this even on the noisy London tube or anywhere else with a lot of background noise!

In today’s podcast episode (S1E4) I run you through a guided session covering a basic Autogenic Training script that deepens relaxation. This is a great way to learn Autogenic Training quickly as you will be able to continue to do this on your own. It is a very useful technique for busy sales people and people in general to help relax quickly within seconds or minutes!

Here is the script for Basic Autogenic Training:


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