Circle of Excellence Script

This is the NLP script for the Circle of Excellence technique discussed and used in podcast episode S1E9.

Here is the actual script:

Stand up and image a circle on the floor or ground in front of you.

A circle that is big enough for you so you can later step into.

As you see this circle in front of you it may look like a ring of fire.

You start to relax and you can feel your arms and shoulders relaxing even more.

Now, I want you to remember a time where you had an amazing meeting with a customer.

You felt great and were confident and had all the resources you needed to create value for the customer.

You feel great, confident and inspired.

What colour comes to your mind?

How did the meeting sound like?

How did you feel?

As you remember this event more and more I want you to step into the circle in in front of you and close your eyes.

Make the picture of the meeting brighter and brighter and more colourful.

Hear the sounds and voices of the meeting and make them loud and clear.

Notice how great, confident and inspired you feel.

Now, open your eyes and step out of the circle.

Imagine wrapping up the circle of excellence and squeeze it into a small ball and put it into your pocket.

A quick question: what did you eat for lunch yesterday?

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