I am passionate about customers, business development and helping sales professionals improve revenue, value proposition and sales effectiveness through enablement, sales training and better communication.

In a world of shortening product life cycles, increased competition and commoditisation how you sell is becoming more important than what you sell! In fact, how you sell may well become your main differentiator and provide you with a competitive advantage!

I started my career as a sales rep and then moved into sales engineering, partner enablement and sales training. I have had the privilege to work with amazing people including sales teams at e.g. Cisco, Coca Cola, Verizon, American Express and Oracle. 

During my journey I also fulfilled a lifelong dream and hold an MBA at Warwick Business School, which enables me to build and deliver high impact initiatives as well as help salespeople improve C-level communication.

I am a certified Command of the Message (Force Management) facilitator as well as a certified DISC practitioner. Read my article about the Command of the Message sales methodology here:

A Sales Enablement Perspective: Enabling Command of the Message®.

I am multilingual and speak English, German and Italian fluently. I enjoy discussing sales and marketing topics and love espresso and green tea!

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